Why choose Thinkerneur

We work to find your “another”, which are opportunities that will grow your business through a differentiated purpose. Anybody can start a business in any category or industry, we make yours the only option within your industry or category and for your customers.

Our purpose is not to win your business, but to partner with you for specific projects so that we can help you win in your category.


Who we are

We are strategists and we believes that no business was ever started with the intention to become obsolete or not to grow. We are the partner to help you grow and sustain your business. Our secret lies in finding ways to create an unmatched competitive edge that’s predicated on your brand’s identity.

Thinkerneur Founder Bio

Bogosi Motshegwa, founder of Thinkerneur. His experience spans across multiple industries. He has worked with multiple brands including celebrities to build their personal brand. He is on the AMASA Committee, is advisory council member for Vega Johannesburg, is TEDxJohannesburg Speaker Manager, contributes to both BizCommunity and MarkLives.


“Brand building is not a once-off action plan, it’s about
being consistently consistent”

We believe that whilst external factors influence markets and people behavior, the biggest driver of success or failure is what you decide to do or not do – as a brand or business, you are essentially in control of your success.


• We help your business or brand find its truest self
• In a saturated world plagued by sameness, being unique is of paramount importance as this will result in exponential growth and success
• We help your brand or business become more attractive


Thinkerneur has a think trust of individuals who are immensely experienced and talented. It is hard to find credible strategist in advertising, and those who make this list are nothing short of impeccable. Our Think Tank spans across the African continent. We are able to provide insights across sub-Saharan regions. Across multiple categories and industries.