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“Free” = You are for sale (Free Facebook, or not)

Indeed we have sold ourselves. Now Facebook knows you and me better, and Vodacom has access to that information. And they can sell it to third-party companies who can and will serve you with ads.

I’ve been receiving ads from companies I have never interacted with these past few weeks. How do we explain that?

“Either you are being sold a product (or service) or you yourself are the product” – Mogorosi

That line I heard from, Mo and that time, I thought it was the deepest advertising line ever.

If I were to paraphrase his quote, I’d say; “If you are not being sold to, you are being sold to someone else”. But that sounds a tad like a capitalist system and slavery at the same time, doesn’t it?

Have you used Free Facebook yet? Here are the terms and conditions of using free Facebook (see pic below):

The middle paragraph says it all. “By signing up for this experience, you grant Facebook permission to tell others about your use of Facebook for free on Vodacom” – Facebook.

In case you weren’t sure, ‘others’ means companies that advertise on Facebook. Simply put, you have just sold yourself to Facebook, and in return, you get basic Facebook where you can view posts and comment. The terms and conditions go on further to state that the information you give them will also be accessible to Vodacom and it’s related companies.

But I bet that you knew this when you signed up because as they saying goes; “There’s nothing for mahala”

But Facebook and Vodacom had you at “Free”.

Bogosi Motshegwa

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