Things we can do for you

We help your business or brand find its truest self. In a saturated world plagued by sameness, being unique is of paramount importance as this will result in exponential growth and success. We help your brand or business become more attractive. We also give your brand or business a structured and own able strategic direction with a long-term view, making our solutions sustainable. We simplify strategy by making it both tangible and practical. Our strategies don’t live in untouched folders or servers, they live in everything that the brand does. Our strategies live.

Brand Audit

  • Our first step is a mini workshop, to establish where you are as a brand or business
  • We then look at your brand’s current behavior, actions and plans
  • We then assess the two against where you wish to take your brand (vision/objectives)
  • This will give a clear indication or diagnosis of the opportunities
  • All of the above is done within the context of your brand’s chosen category and industry – we clarify the role played by your competitors and how your brand fits in. The objective is to find gaps and opportunities.

“‘Business’ brings in money, ‘brand’ sustains and

grow that money exponentially”

Brand immersion:

  • This is what most agencies or partners are NOT willing to do. Understanding your business is of paramount importance. It is tedious but necessary
  • Whilst your regular or retainer agencies are busy billing you and doing recons on your costs; we will be doing the real work, building and growing your business

“You can’t improve what you don’t understand. The only way to know that washing powder cleans well is for the clothes to be dirty”


  • Our job is not to change your brand, but to find opportunities
  • After the immersion, we take key learning and start planning for your brand’s own able strategic direction
  • Outline all areas where opportunities for growth are ripe.
  • We then nourish these opportunities by injection your brand’s DNA into everything that you do going forward.
  • This is where we start prioritizing what to do and what not to do. It’s not about doing the best thing, but doing work that leverages each other to create synergy for you marketing efforts

”Strategy is not just what you decide to do, perhaps most importantly, it is also what you decide not to do”

Brand Execution

  • Our job is not to own your brand, but to partner with you on executing on the identified opportunities
  • People don’t buy products and functionality, they buy the benefits that lie within – your brand is only as relevant as your current marketing effort The objective here is to establish or extend on the already existing brand story – your brand narrative is what will set you apart.
  • Brand building is a journey, bring us along

“Brand identity is your brand’s biggest asset. Trends make your relevant for a moment, your brand’s DNA makes you unique and relevant for a lifetime”

Brand Care

  • People don’t just buy products and their utility (functionality), they buy the benefits that lie therein (reasons why they should buy from you) – it is therefore imperative to maintain the brand story.
  • This stage is where we constantly evaluate our actions to ensure that they are aligned to our overarching objectives and if they are right for the brand.

“Brand building is not a once-off action plan, it’s

about being consistently consistently”